About Us

MaMSIE (Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics) is a network based at the Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck, that creates spaces for interdisciplinary conversations about motherhood and the maternal more broadly. It draws together those working across different knowledge and practice communities including feminism, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality studies, the social sciences, philosophy, visual and performance art, literature, and creative writing. MaMSIE aims to open up and sustain critical debates about the maternal, and explore the unique site it occupies at the potent intersection between scientific possibilities, psychosocial practices and cultural representations.


How To Get Involved 

MaMSIE is open to all. If you are working in any discipline relating to motherhood or are interested in the maternal from scholarly, artistic or practice perspectives, then we would love to hear from you. Join as a member, contribute to the blog, submit a journal article or join our JISC list. Get in touch on mamsie@bbk.ac.uk.

You can also join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.