Art Collection

  • Janine Antoni: 2038, 2000

  • Rebecca Baillie: Feeding Outside, 2010

  • Elinor Carucci: My belly after giving birth to twins and c section, 2004

  • Ana Casas Broda: Bathroom II, 2010

  • Marcelle Hanselaar: Mother and Daughter, 2005

  • Fred Hüning: Untitled (mother and child), 2007

  • Hester Jones: Stop Now, 2009

  • Charlotte Lindsay: How Babies Were Born, 2005

  • Andrew Litten: Father With Child, 1988

  • Anna Maria Maiolino: Por um Fio (By a Thread), 1976

  • Marion Michell: My House of Howls, 2007

  • Tabitha Moses: Islands of Blood and Longing, 2010

  • Chrystl Rijkeboer: Family Ties No.2, 2007

  • Erika Robertson, Uterus 2, 2012

  • Annegret Soltau: Im Gleichgewicht, 1977-80

  • Kiki Smith: Born, 2002

  • Samantha Sweeting: In Came The Lamb, 2009

  • Jean Thompson: Mother in Pram, 2010

  • Eline Van den Boogaard: The Mother, 2009

  • Eti Wade: Kisses 2, 2001

  • Kate Walters: With Death as my Advisor, 2005

The MaMSIE art collection is a curated online selection of visual material which weaves together an intricate web of differing threads linked to the maternal. The collection unites images by contemporary practitioners with those of historical figures, for example Frida Kahlo.* Work in this collection tends to explore notions of universality alongside personal experience, and sometimes depicts imagined or even animal connections to new life, as well as actual parent/child relationships. Art included is highly original, resolved and mature, and has often been fueled in its making by a highly conscious interest in art history. Not all artists consider the work of their forbears with the same intensity as the figures here, and in doing so create further ‘maternal’ relations between older and younger generations of artists.

Dr. Rebecca Baillie, Curator


Rijkeboer, Chrystl
Robertson, Erika
Smith, Kiki
Soltau, Annegret
Sweeting, Samantha
Thompson, Jean
Van den Boogaard, Eline
Wade, Eti
Walters, Kate

*Please note that it is particularly difficult to secure the reproduction rights for certain images. In the event that reproduction is impossible, works will be listed without a linked image. This way we acknowledge the place of the work by historical figures in the ‘imagined’ collection, but respectfully direct researchers and artists to look at it elsewhere. Unless otherwise stated, all works are reproduced courtesy of the artist in dialogue with Rebecca Baillie.