Mindy Stricke launches ‘Landing Gear’ as part of ‘Greetings from Motherland’

[image url=”http://mamsie.org/mamsieblog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/maria_c_mendonca-Mindy-Stricke-launches-‘Landing-Gear’-as-part-of-‘Greetings-from-Motherland’1.jpg” alignment=”left” margin_left=”2″ margin_right=”2″ margin_top=”2″ margin_bottom=”2″ width=”100″ height=”110″] By Maria Collier Mendonça

“Welcome to Motherland! You may have recently washed up on its shores, or have been living here for a while and already acclimated, the blur of the early years of motherhood behind you. Or maybe you don’t live here, but you have a relationship to this place as a partner, child, or friend”. Mindy Stricke, ‘Greetings from Motherland’.

Originally from New York and settled in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Mindy Stricke is a photographer and multi-disciplinary installation artist, whose work challenges boundaries between artists and non-artists; artists and audience; process and product. Her work has been exhibited throughout North America and also in international publications such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, among others. I had the opportunity to listen to Mindy’s presentation “Welcome to Motherland: Artists Collaborating with Mothers to Create New Representations of Motherhood” Read more...