Past News

Non-reproduction: Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics MaMSIE is supporting a two-day interdisciplinary Humanities Symposium on Non-reproduction: politics, ethics, aesthetics, organised by Fran Bigman (Cambridge), Harriet Cooper (Birkbeck) and Sophie Jones (Birkbeck). Confirmed speakers include Lisa Baraitser (Birkbeck, University of London) and Nina

Birthing Ideas

Birthing Ideas Joined by two figurative London based artists, Charlotte Lindsay and Eline van den Boogaard, Rebecca Baillie considered the notion that it is often artists without children, or those distanced in someway from the everyday experience of child rearing,

Radio Broadcasts

During 2011 we collaborated with Enemies of Good Art on two radio shows. 27th May 2011: Motherhood, Servitude and the Delegation of care. This show addressed issues of labour, social class, capital, care and the maternal. Lisa Baraitser was joined by