Blog of Immigrant Mothers As Agents of Change –


We would like to introduce is a website that  presents parts of the ongoing research project Immigrant Mothers As Agents of Change conducted by Agata Lisiak from Humboldt University Berlin within the ERC-funded project TRANSFORmIG.

“The website is to serve several functions: it is a platform for displaying how the immigrant mothers I have talked to depict how it is for them to be (immigrant) mothers in urban settings; it is my way of sharing the methods I have been applying with colleagues and possibly larger audiences (including, of course, immigrant mothers); it is an attempt at visualizing certain practices (transactions involving objects related to child rearing) and being open about their shortcomings; it is a glimpse into a research process, keeping it open and easily accessible.”

Agata have contributed with this post  with the title Affordable Mothering and Respectability to MaMSIEBLOG.




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